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Sushi Centro - Waha Riyadh

Riyadh Al Murooj Japanese , Sushi

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Sushi Centro - Waha Riyadh

Introducing Sushi Centro, a new take on contemporary Japanese cuisine, with fresh and funky vibes for casual dining. Soak up the warm and welcoming interiors of the restaurant as friendly employees greet you.

Created with modern on-the-go lifestyles in mind, Sushi Centro flavors are crafted from the finest and freshest ingredients with an extensive selection of sushi, sashimi, and tempura. Offering a range of quick and enticing fare, every dish on the menu has been carefully selected to equally emphasize taste and nutrition, with items also available for take away.

Dress Code

Smart Casual

Executive Chef

Nedal Gammaz


Olaya St, Al Muruj

Riyadh Al Murooj

Opening Hours

Sun - Fri:
Lunch: 12:30pm to 3:30pm
Dinner: 7:00pm to 11:30pm
Saturday: Closed

Phone Number

+966 112975799

Edamame (V) 30 SAR

steamed japanese soy beans, maldon sea salt

Prawn Tempura 65 SAR

soya, daikon

Green Bean Tempura (V) 45 SAR

sriracha aioli

Crispy Fried Chicken Bites - Kara-Age 50 SAR

citrus mayo, togarashi

Salmon Tartare 65 SAR

avocado, japanese mayonnaise, salmon roe

Miso Soup (V) 35 SAR

miso broth, tofu, spring onions

Shrimp & Seafood Miso 65 SAR

mushrooms, bamboo shoots, tofu, rich miso broth

Seared Tuna on Tossed Greens 55 SAR

seared tuna sashimi, avocado, miso vinaigrette

Shrimp & Crabstick Salad 75 SAR

cucumber, tobiko, sesame & ginger dressing

Tossed Greens (V) 35 SAR

radish, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrot dressing

Shrimp & Chicken 58 SAR

shiitake mushrooms, egg, carrots, chives, onions

Beef 54 SAR

red chili, egg, broccoli, scallions, green peas, cabbage, fried garlic

Vegetable (V) 48 SAR

seasonal vegetables, egg, snow peas, carrots, bamboo shoots, green onions

Served with Jasmine Rice, Vegetable Maki, Tossed Greens and Ginger Dressing

Teriyaki Chicken, grilled green onions AED 80
Seared Salmon, sweet chili glaze AED 120
Crispy Vegetable Springrolls, ponzu dipping sauce (V) AED 65

Sake, salmon

nigiri 2 pcs, AED 25
sashimi 5 pcs, AED 55

Maguro, tuna

nigiri 2 pcs, AED 23
sashimi 5 pcs, AED 50

Hamachi, yellow tail

nigiri 2 pcs, AED 35
sashimi 5 pcs, AED 80

Tako, octopus

nigiri 2 pcs, AED 28
sashimi 5 pcs, AED 65

Ebi, shrimp

nigiri 2 pcs, AED 29
sashimi 5 pcs, AED 48

Unagi, fresh water eel

nigiri 2 pcs, AED 37
sashimi 5 pcs, AED 75

Kani, crabstick

nigiri 2 pcs, AED 18
sashimi 5 pcs, AED 40

Suzuki, sea bass

nigiri 2 pcs, AED 18
sashimi 5 pcs, AED 40

California 55 SAR

crabstick, avocado, cucumber, tobiko

Spicy Tuna 45 SAR

cucumber, tuna, crabstick, spicy mayo

Spicy Salmon 48 SAR

avocado, salmon, crabstick, spicy mayo

Duo Maki 45 SAR

salmon, tuna, spring onion, creamy sriracha

Ebi Tempura Maki 45 SAR

fried shrimp, toasted sesame seeds

Fantasy Roll 75 SAR

eel, crabstick, avocado, tanuki, teriyaki sauce

Green Maki (V) 28 SAR

cucumber, nori seaweed

Vegetarian Roll (V) 40 SAR

mango, shiitake mushrooms, avocado, cucumber

Mixed Seafood 87 SAR

udon noodles, fish, prawns, calamari in seafood broth

Beef & Mushroom 78 SAR

ramen noodles, water chestnut, bok choy, soya-scallion broth

Ramen with Chicken Dumplings 55 SAR

ramen noodles, snow peas, carrots, fried onions, chicken

Vegetable Wonton (V) 48 SAR

udon noodles, snow peas, carrots, fried onions, vegetable dumplings, soya-scallion broth

Sushi Combo - serves 1 90 SAR

assorted nigiri (4 pcs), duo maki (4 pcs), california maki (4 pcs)

Maki Combo - serves 1 75 SAR

duo maki (4 pcs), california maki (4 pcs), green maki (4 pcs)

2 to Share - serves 2 185 SAR

assorted nigiri (8 pcs), duo maki (4 pcs), california maki (4 pcs), vegetarian roll (4 pcs), edamame (1 portion)

Sharing Combo - serves 3-4 300 SAR

assorted nigiri (12 pcs), california maki (8 pcs), duo maki (8 pcs), green maki (8 pcs), ebi tempura (4 pcs)

Family Grand Platter - serves 5-6 450 SAR

assorted nigiri (16 pcs), spicy tuna maki (8 pcs), spicy salmon maki (8 pcs), ebi tempura maki (8 pcs), california maki (8 pcs), vegetarian roll (8 pcs), edamame (2 portions)

Hand-Cut Fruits 38 SAR

mango, dragon fruit, pineapple, melon, lychee

Coconut Brûlée 30 SAR

lime biscuits


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