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Link By Mara

Terms & Conditions:
Minimum Spend AED311.
The table will be available only up to 90mins from the time of the reservation. It will not be extended due to late arrival.
A non refundable booking charge AED310 will be applied.
AED300 is the credit to order whenever customer will be seated. Any additional order will be subject to additional charges as per the items ordered.
We hold the table for 15 mins only after which the reservation will be canceled due to NO SHOW.
Changing date and time is possible only if done at least 24hrs before the reservation time. No changes on date / time will be acceptable after that.
Refunds would be applicable only due the weather issues.

Dress Code



Rahmaniya Sharjah sustainable city Sharjah


Opening Hours

Mon- Thu: 4:00pm - 2:00am
Fri - Sun: 4:00pm - 3:00am

Phone Number

+971 557055554

Promotions 2

Spicy Edamame 35 AED

Blanched Edamame beans tossed with spicy sichuan sauce

Mini Beef Tacos 52 AED

Crispy corn tortilla filled with braised beef, melted jack cheese

Musakan 50 AED

Shakshuka Bruschetta 30 AED

Toasted sliced Baguette, topped with shakshuka and feta cheese

Popcorn Dynamite Shrimps 63 AED

Crispy shrimp, dynamite sauce

Guacamole with Nachos 45 AED

Chopped tender avocado with tomato and lemon

Korean Chicken Pops 55 AED

Crispy fried pops tossed with Korean fusion sauce

Shawarma Salad 55 AED

Chicken shawarma salad mix with lettuce, tomato, onion

Classic Beef Slider 47 AED

beef patty, cheddar, mayo, pickels, shredded iceberg lettuce

Mara Signature Slider 47 AED

crispy chicken with flavor of Buffalo sauce and special sauce

Short Rib Slider 79 AED

slowly cooked Australian short rib with caramelized onion

Mara Signature Fries 41 AED

crispy fries with melted cheese topped with special sauce

Buffalo Dynamite Fries 41 AED

Crispy fries with melted cheese topped with ranch, buffalo

Halloumi Fries 45 AED

crispy fried halloumi sticks serve with tahina and chimichurri

Fries 19 AED

slightly seasoned french fries

Mara Alfredo 60 AED

Penne pasta, cream sauce with chicken and mushrooms

Penne Pink Pasta with Chicken 60 AED

Pink pasta with chicken

Mini Buffalo Pizza 55 AED

Mini Pizza, with tomato sauce, soft mozzarella, fresh basil

Mini Mushroom and Truffle Pizza 70 AED

Mini Pizza with Mushroom sauce, mozzarella, fresh mushroom

Mini Margerita Pizza 55 AED

Mini Pizza, with tomato sauce, soft mozzarella, garnish

Tiramisu 55 AED

Fluffy coffee flavour sponge layered sweet mascarpone

Galaxy San Sebastian Cheese Cake 53 AED

Basque cheesecake with melted Galaxy chocolate sauce

San Sebastian Cheesecake 53 AED

Basque cheesecake with berries on top

Triple Chocolate Heaven 59 AED

A rich chocolate sponge topped with three fine chocolate sauces

Saffron Milk Cake 55 AED

Hibiscus Ice Tea 25 AED

Blue Lagoon 25 AED

blue lagon syrup with fresh lime, mint leaves, soda and ice

Lemon Mojito 25 AED

Passion Fruit Mojito 25 AED

Strawberry Mojito 25 AED

Watermelon Mojito 25 AED

Fresh Orange Juice 25 AED

Winter Hot Chocolate 30 AED

Single Espresso 16 AED

Double Espresso 16 AED

Americano 20 AED

Ice Americano 20 AED

Piccolo 21 AED

Cortado 22 AED

Cappuccino 25 AED

Flat White 25 AED

Cafe Mocha 27 AED

Cafe Latte 25 AED

Ice Latte 25 AED

Organic Tea

customization available

Spanish Cold Latte 27 AED

Spanish Hot Latte 27 AED

Spanish Hot Latte 27 AED

Small water 500ml 5 AED

Soft drinks

Customization available

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