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Sea Fu

Jumeirah Mediterranean , Seafood , Sushi , Asian Fusion

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Sea Fu

A beachside sanctuary located at the heart of Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach with stunning views of the sparkling Arabian Gulf beyond. The restaurant embraces its name by infusing Asian influence with modern techniques, creating an authentic yet cutting edge menu of creative seafood dishes served alongside Seven Wonders of the World-inspired crafted cocktails. Whether it is lunch, dinner or sundowners at golden hour, it’s an ideal spot for every occasion to slow down and savour the moments that matter the most - connecting with loved ones and the world around you.

Dress Code

Smart Casual


2 Jumeirah St


Opening Hours

Daily: 12:30pm - 12am

Phone Number

+971 42707802

Salmon 70 AED

Red Snapper 75 AED

Mackarel 75 AED

Eel 80 AED

Yellowtail 100 AED

Bluefin Tuna 110 AED

Hokkaido Scallops (S) 110 AED

Bluefin Otoro 140 AED

Sea Urchin (S)

Market Price

Cucumber (V) 30 AED

Avocado(V) 40 AED

Salmon 55 AED

Red Snapper 65 AED

Mackarel 70 AED

Yellowtail 80 AED

Bluefin Tuna 85 AED

Bluefin Otoro 110 AED

Salmon 65 AED

Mackarel 65 AED

Red Snapper 70 AED

Shrimp (S) 70 AED

Eel (G) 75 AED

Yellowtail 90 AED

Scallop (S) 100 AED

Bluefin Tuna 100 AED

Bluefin Otoro 110 AED

Spicy Tuna 65 AED

Ikura 85 AED

King Crab (S) 90 AED

Sea Urchin (S)

Market Price

Sashimi Platter (S) 385 AED

15 pcs Chef’s Selection

Sea Fu Sushi Platter (S) 700 AED

8 pcs Volcano roll, 3 pcs Salmon sashimi, 3 pcs Yellowtail sashimi, 3 pcs Mackarel sashimi, 3 pcs Bluefin Tuna nigiri, 3 pcs Scallop nigiri, 3 pcs Red snapper nigiri

Royal Nigiri Platter (S) - 12 pcs 500 AED

Tuna belly with caviar, torched salmon with pickled wasabi, scallops with Ikura, red snapper with foie gras

Royal Sushi Platter (S) 1000 AED

8 pcs Truffle Foie Gras Wagyu crispy oshi sushi,4 pcs scallop sashimi, 4 pcs Hamachi sashimi, 4 pcs Chutoro sashimi, 4 pcs otoro nigiri with caviar, 4 pcs Salmon belly nigiri with pickled wasabi, 4 pcs Red snapper nigiri with foie gras

Crunchy Avocado (VG) 80 AED

Tanuki, scallion, cream cheese, yamagobo, cucumber, orange mayonnaise

Volcano (S) (SD) 95 AED

Salmon, pickled radish, tobiko, crab stick, mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce

Yuzu Tempura Prawn (S) (SD) 100 AED

Squid ink rice, avocado, yamagobo, pickle, cream cheese, spicy mayonnaise

Soft Shell Crab (S) 110 AED

Prawn cracker, teriyaki sauce, avocado, cucumber, yamagobo, spicy mayonnaise, lettuce

Spicy Tuna 140 AED

Asparagus, pickled radish, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayonnaise

Spicy Grilled Lobster Roll (S) 160 AED

Baby gem, cucumber, yamagobo, avocado, tobiko, tanuki, plum, yuzu togarashi, mayonnaise

King Crab California (S) (SD) 140 AED

Squid ink rice, avocado, cucumber, mayonnaise, tobiko

Sea Fu Otoro Maki 190 AED

Roasted gamtae seaweed, ikura, shiso leaves, yamagobo, cucumber, green apple, pickled wasabi

Wagyu Crispy Oshi Sushi (SD) 195 AED

Crispy sushi rice, wagyu beef striploin, foie gras, truffle, teriyaki sauce, garlic chips

Crispy Salmon Tartare 110 AED

Crispy nori, avocado, sesame ponzu, cucumber, shiso leaves, shallots, pepper

Smoked Hamachi Carpaccio 130 AED

Truffle ponzu, yuzu, garlic chips, burnt orange, spring onion, furikake, rice cracker

Bluefin Tuna Tartare 150 AED

Ginger ponzu sauce, avocado, sesame oil, cucumber, turmeric crackers

Otoro Carpaccio 170 AED

Purple shiso, ginger, Thai basil, Bubu Arare

Red Prawn Carabinero Carpaccio (S) (N) 195 AED

Tosazu jelly, almond milk, sea urchin, green apple, toasted almonds

Oysters (S)

Market Price

Kaviari Caviar Selection

Market Price

Edamame (Vegan) 40 AED

Salted or Spicy

Kaiso Salad 45 AED

Bonito flakes, seaweed, cucumber, ponzu

Miso Soup (GF) 50 AED

Tofu, Scallion, Seaweed

Spicy Green Mango Salad (N) 65 AED

Dried shrimp, mint, coriander, peanut, Thai dressing

Vegetable Pomelo Salad (N) (GF) (Vegan) 80 AED

Cabbage, pear, pomelo, green, shallot, Asian herbs, peanut dressing

Spicy Laksa Soup (S) 100 AED

Prawn, quail egg, scallop, calamari, vegetable, soba noodles

Tempura Prawns (S) 105 AED

Ponzu, chili, coriander

Truffle Gyoza (5 pcs) (Vegan) 125 AED

Mushroom, ginger, cabbage, onion, black truffle, truffle sauce

Crispy Ice Salad (SD) (Vegan) 130 AED

Black truffle, iceberg lettuce, Wafu dressing, cherry tomato, sesame

Homemade Dim Sum Platter (6 pcs) (S) 130 AED

Chicken, prawn, vegetable, chili sauce, Chinese vinegar

Wagyu Beef Gyoza (5 pcs) 145 AED

Mushroom, ginger, cabbage, onion, truffle sauce

Grilled Octopus (S) (N) 150 AED

Baby potato, ssamjang romesco, bonito flakes, bulgogi sauce

Alaskan King Crab Salad (S) (SD) 230 AED

King crab, mixed seaweed, sesame seed, rice cracker, red radish, cucumber, tosazu sauce

Spicy Vegetable Thai Curry (GF) (Vegan) 115 AED

Green curry, coconut milk, eggplant, snap peas, shimeji mushroom, bok choy, jasmine rice | add Chicken - AED 70 | add Shrimp (S) - AED 90

Roasted Organic Salmon (GF) 200 AED

Galangal, coconut sauce, baby corn, okra, chili, Ikura egg

Seared Sea Bass (GF) 250 AED

Green pea purée, spring vegetable, bok choy, chive oil, lemongrass butter sauce

Black Cod (SD) 235 AED

Japanese soy marinade, ginger, honey, heirloom carrot, carrot yuzu purée, asparagus

Wagyu Tenderloin (200gr) (GF) 310 AED

A7 Grade Australian Wagyu, truffle mashed potato, black garlic butter, maitake mushroom, Sichuan pepper sauce

Grilled Wagyu Striploin (300gr) (SD) 435 AED

King oyster mushroom, shiso chimichurri, broccolini

Steamed Rice (GF) (Vegan) 60 AED

Fried Rice (VG) 60 AED

Mashed Potato (GF) (VG) 60 AED

Baby Roasted Potatoes 60 AED

Baby Spinach, Garlic (VG) (GF) (Vegan) 60 AED

Chili Garlic Cauliflower (VG) (Vegan) 60 AED

Stir-Fried Vegetables (VG) (Vegan) 60 AED

Japchae Noodle (N) (Vegan) 120 AED

Glass noodles, Napa Cabbage, carrot, capsicum, snap peas, cashew, and spicy sauce | Add Chicken - AED 70 | Add Shrimp (S) - AED 90 AED 70 - add chicken | AED 90 - add shrimps (S)

Pad Thai Noodle (N) (S) 130 AED

Dried shrimp, egg, tofu, chives, cashew nut, bean sprout, onion, pickled radish | Add Chicken - AED 70 | Add Shrimp (S) - AED 90

Spicy Chicken (N) 190 AED

Dry chili, peanuts, celery, capsicum, scallion, jasmine rice

Chili Tiger Prawns (S) 230 AED

Coriander, garlic flakes, jasmine rice

Braised Wagyu Beef Short Rib (SD) 230 AED

Slow-cooked beef short rib, bok choy, radish, leeks, chili, soy sauce, Japanese Miso, ssamjang paste, ginger, garlic, jasmine rice

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Amazing experience superb food and friendly staff

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Very nice restaurant, food is excellent.

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