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Abd El Wahab - Pier 7

Pier 7 Lebanese , Middle-Eastern

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Abd El Wahab - Pier 7 Restaurant Dubai

The ABD EL WAHAB was named after the street where it is located in Beirut, Lebanon. With its oriental décor featuring damascene walls, brass ornaments and blown glass elements, the restaurant is an invitation Lebanese Hospitality. Overlooking the tallest building in the world - The Burj Khalifa and the largest building in the world. As for the cuisine, it features not only traditional mezze, but also a choice of two daily dishes. Narguileh brings added enjoyment, making "Abd El Wahab" a delightful place to relax.

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Pier 7 Marina Mall, 5th Floor

Pier 7

Dubai Marina

Opening Hours

Sun - Wed: 12pm - 11pm
Thur - Sat: 12pm - 12am

Phone Number

+971 44325772

Meat Skewers 59 AED

Pieces of lamb fillet, marinated & grilled on skewers

Chich Taouk 48 AED

Chicken chunks marinated in lemon juice & garlic,served on skewers with Abd El Wahab tasty garlic sauce

Lamb Cutlets 64 AED

Grilled marinated lamb cutlets

Veal Cutlets 89 AED

Grilled marinated veal cutlets

Lamb Cutlets Abd El Wahab 68 AED

Grilled marinated spicy lamb cutlets

Mixed Grill Skewers 66 AED

A selection of meat, taouk & kafta grilled on skewers

Mixed Grill Abd El Wahab 79 AED

A selection of grilled shrimps, lamb cutlets, fish hammour & Taouk

Kafta Halabiyyeh Skewers 47 AED

Minced lightly-spiced lamb, grilled on skewers

Grilled Baby Chicken 1/2 45 AED

Marinated & grilled half chicken served with our homemade garlic sauce

Eggplant Kabab 48 AED

Eggplant & minced lamb, grilled on skewers

Msabaha Dehabiyyeh 47 AED

Lean minced meat mixed with pine nuts, grilled on skewers

Kafta Ourfaliyyeh 47 AED

Tomatoes, sweet peppers & minced spiced lamb, grilled on skewers

Kafta Kheshkhash 47 AED

Spicy minced lamb, grilled on skewers

Arayess kafta 42 AED

Grilled Arabic bread stuffed with minced meat & parsley

Crab Salad 85 AED

Fresh crab meat, lemon juice, sweet chilli sauce

Fresh Calamari salad 55 AED

Fresh calamari, spinach, rocca, cherry tomato

Avocado Shrimps 65 AED

Romaine lettuce, avocado, lemon & oil

Kebbeh Samak Nayyeh 75 AED

Fresh hammour fillet, mint, olive oil, spring onion

Fish tartar 99 AED

Fresh fish fillet, lemon, olive oil, rocca, cherry tomato

Fish Tajin 50 AED

Hammour fillet, tahineh, onion, lemon

Batrakh 85 AED

Smoked cod roe, served w/ slice

Hommos 23 AED

Chickpeas & Tahini

Moutabbal 23 AED

Eggplant & Tahini

Fattouch Salad 25 AED

A refreshing mix of greens, tomato, cucumber, sumac & toasted bread

Tabbouleh 25 AED

Lebanese traditional salad made of chopped parsley, tomato, onions, mint & berghol

Rocca & Thyme Salad 24 AED

Served with olive oil & lemon dressing

Oriental Salad 24 AED

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, radish & onions dressed in olive oil & lemon juice

Vegetable Dish 38 AED

A mix of fresh vegetables to accompany your meal

Raheb Salad 25 AED

Eggplant mixed with tomatoes and green onions

Stuffed Vine Leaves 25 AED

A tangy rice mixture wrapped in fresh vine leaves

Green bean in oil 23 AED

Cooked green Beans with a savory tomato sauce, served cold

Eggplant Salad 23 AED

A ratatouille of eggplant, tomato & chickpeas

Shanklish 28 AED

Aged pungent goat cheese with chopped onion, pepper, parsley and tomato

Chicory Salad 22 AED

Dandelion leaves cooked in olive oil & fresh onions, served with caramelized onions & lemon slice

Tajin 28 AED

Thick sesame paste cooked & topped with pine nuts

Eggplant stuffed with nuts 22 AED

Eggplant stuffed with a spicy walnut mixture

Mixed Pickles 22 AED

A selection of our homemade pickles

Kebbeh Nayyeh 35 AED

Mixture of raw meat & berghol

Kebbeh Ourfaliyyeh 35 AED

Spicy mix of raw meat & berghol sprinkled with pine nuts

Tebleh 35 AED

Raw meat paste

Labneh 23 AED

Thick strained yogurt topped with olive oil

Labneh with Garlic 23 AED

Thick strained yogurt mixed with fresh chopped garlic & topped with olive oil

Mouhamara 25 AED

Bread crumbs, hot pepper paste, finely ground walnuts & sesame seed extract

Shrimps Rolls 55 AED

Shrimp, fish fillet, garlic, olive oil & lemon, zucchini, carrots

Samak Ras Asfour 60 AED

Fried hammour fillet, lemon & garlic

Calamari Provencal 55 AED

Pan fried baby calamari, potato, cherry tomato, garlic, coriander

Shrimps Provencal 65 AED

Pan fried shrimp, potato, cherry tomato, garlic, coriander

Baby Octopus Provencal 60 AED

Pan fried octopus, potato, cherry tomato, garlic, coriander

Fish Makanek 45 AED

Special fish sausages w/ lemon

Fish Sojok 45 AED

Special spicy fish sausages w/ lemon

Samkeh Beiroutiyye 55 AED

Hammour fillet, green pepper, tomato, onion

Samkeh Harra bil Tahine 55 AED

Hammour fillet, onion, cariander, tahineh, garnish w/ roasted almond & pistachio

Breaded Calamari 50 AED

Deep fried calamari ring served with tartar sauce

Breaded Shrimps 60 AED

Deep fried breaded shrimps served with tartar sauce

Grilled Calamari 50 AED

Marinated in lemon juice and oil

Fish Curry 65 AED

Hammour fillet, curry sauce, carrot, zucchini, broccoli w/ basmati rice

Shrimps Curry 75 AED

Shrimp, curry sauce, carrot, zucchini, broccoli w/ basmati rice

Fish skewers 68 AED

Grilled sh in skewers

Fish And Chips 55 AED

Fried breaded hammour fillet, tartar sauce w/ fried potato

Fish Kebbe 50 AED

Fried fish ball, stuffed w/ tajin

Squid Ink 45 AED

Squid in black ink marinated

Bizri 40 AED

White bait marinated in spices, lemon juice and deep fried

Hommos Abd El Wahab 24 AED

Our specialty, a tasty mixture of chickpeas, chickpea paste & Tahini

Hommos with Meat 34 AED

A bowl of Hommos topped with fried pine nuts & meat

Hommos with Sojok 34 AED

A bowl of hommos topped with sojok and tomatoes

Lahmeh Ras Asfour 79 AED

Fried meat cubes with pinenuts, pomegranate and lemon juice

Hommos with Pine Nuts 30 AED

A bowl of Hommos topped with fried pine nuts

Foul Medammas 21 AED

A mix of cooked fresh beans, chickpeas, garlic & lemon juice

Grilled Halloum 30 AED

Grilled white cheese, served warm

Makanek 32 AED

Lebanese sausages flamed with lemon juice

Balila 21 AED

Chickpeas, lemon juice & garlic topped with olive oil, pine nuts & cumin

Chicken Wings 28 AED

Marinated chicken wings fried with coriander, garlic & lemon juice

Hommos Fatteh 30 AED

Chickpeas, smothered with warm yogurt & topped with fried bread & pine nuts

Eggplant Fatteh 32 AED

Fried eggplant chunks, smothered with warm yogurt & topped with fried bread & pine nuts

Chicken Fatteh 32 AED

A mix of chicken slices & chickpea paste, smothered with warm yogurt & topped with fried bread & pine nuts

Sambousik 24 AED

Minced meat with pine nuts & onions wrapped in crusty

Rekakat 26 AED

Deep fried cheese rolls

Kebbeh 29 AED

Deep fried kebbeh paste ball filled with minced meat, onions & pine nuts

Fatayer 24 AED

Tasty spinach mix, wrapped in triangular baked dough

Assorted pastries with stuffed Kebbeh 50 AED

Sojok 32 AED

Sliced Spicy sausages sautéed with lemon juice

Birds (6) 110 AED

Pan fried or grilled birds with pomegranate & lemon juice

Chicken Liver 28 AED

Marinated chicken liver sautéed with pomegranate, garlic & lemon juice

Batata Kezbra 25 AED

Fried potatoes mixed with chopped coriander, garlic & lemon juice

French Fries 20 AED

French fried potatoes

Lentil Soup 25 AED

Lentil soup mixed with a dash of lemon & various spices, served with croutons

Vegetable Soup 25 AED

A Vitamin rich soup made of mixed fresh vegetables

Baklawa 29 AED

Halawet El Jiben 31 AED

Cheesy paste slices top ped with ashta cream served with syrup

Mafrouke 31 AED

Mixture of Ashta & semolina flour, smothered in our original syrup & sprinkled with pistachios

Knefeh with Cheese 31 AED

Melted cheese covered with a biscuit crust, smothered with fragrant syrup

Ashtaliyeh 29 AED

Creamy silky smooth pudding topped with pistachios & syrup

Mouhallabiyeh 26 AED

Lebanese pudding

Ashta with Banana & Honey 31 AED

Ashta cream topped with banana slices & honey

Seasonal Fruits 32 AED

Selection of fresh fruits of the season

Ice cream 29 AED

Refreshing ice cream flavors

Ghazl el Banet 26 AED

Stuffed with vanilla ice cream

Osmalieh 31 AED

Stuffed with ashta-cream

Biscuit au Chocolat 30 AED

Traditional chocolat biscuit

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